Yesteday morning, J and I drove to a neighboring town about 15 minutes from home to check out a potential studio space... and friends, I have to say it was love at first sight. Tucked away in the corner of a little park, the small studio sits atop a creek and has the most incredible natural light. Um, also there is ivy creeping in through the cracks below the windows. Is it weird that I find that absolutely charming?

God knows how this studio became available for me to find on Craigslist - I feel it's almost too good to be true. But... as of this afternoon, this beautiful space will be my future studio. The studio manager and I shook on it. (Apparently, shaking hands is her thing. Side note, she has been at these studios for 36 years).

The studio will be mine to move into this coming week and I'm sure I'll have more photos to share as I get settled. I feel like I'm jumping the gun by sharing these photos before I've actually moved in and officially secured this space as mine (how good are handshakes really?) but I couldn't help myself. (Is this how pregnant women feel during their first trimester?)

While it is not equipped with a printing studio like I'm used to, I'm sure I can make do. After months of dreaming about a studio space, this is literally a dream come true. Stay tuned, friends :) Really excited to get in there and start creating. Eep!

love, d.


  1. or was the studio director aware of artist appeal and closed the window on the ivy on purpose... tricky tricky. why is your blog named lapin press btw? always wondered.

  2. Meant to be! I love natural sunlight.
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