Every weekday from 9am to 6pm, I sit in a dark room with two of my coworkers. There are no skylights, no windows, unless you count the glass partition that separates our room from the office hallway. We do have a nice view though - oh wait, that's just the wall decal cut in the shape of a city skyline.

Lit only by a floor lamp and the light of our monitors (granted, two of us have 27" mac monitors and we could turn on those horrific fluorescent overheads), we pass the hours in our cave, itching for an excuse to feel the warmth of the California sun on our skin. Do we really need to take that trip to Walgreens? The answer is "yes" if it is a sunny day, which - one should note - has constituted about 90% of my days since my move to the west coast.

I like going to work and have a pretty good time with my coworkers, but I'm beginning to think that the lack of natural light in our room is starting to effect my health, mood, and *heaven forbid* my productivity at work. The officemates and I have talked about sprucing up our room to make the space feel more...at least... livable. Bookshelves, desk lamps, inspirational posters - but I don't think we'll truly be able to escape our room's dreary "cave effect" until we punch a giant hole in the ceiling to let in some natural light. (If you couldn't tell, I just really want to bring in some plants to fill the space with more life, but alas, plants are really a no-go in a room without the very thing they need to survive.)

So, until we're featured in an episode of an Extreme Makeover: Office Edition or move office buildings, my space-envy will continue for whoever get to enjoy these light and life-filled spaces currently on my mind.

How do you feel about your office spaces? What are your *musts* for your workspace?


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