Half a year into the so-called "real world," I'm finally getting around to looking for an art space to continue my studio practice. Ideally, this amazing studio would be part of my equally amazing abode, but alas, our 500 sq. ft apartment has no space for my creative mess, so off I go to search through craigslist. So far I've been surprised to discover the dearth of studio spaces available on the peninsula.

I actually scoped out a great studio space this weekend just a short bike ride from home, and as much as I loved it, it was above my price-point. Even still, I was considering taking the studio with the idea of finding a studio-partner in mind, but before I could even put out an ad to find someone to share the space with, I received an email this morning telling me that the studio had already been grabbed. Sigh. I guess it was not meant to be. If any of you know anyone in the bay area, please let me know if you hear of any studio availabilities on the peninsula! 

With my real-life 20-something-year-old budget, I will probably be lucky to find a level table somewhere in a partially-sunny, communal studio space on the peninsula, but I thought it couldn't hurt to share several beautiful studio spaces that have the meat and bones of my dream studio.

Who's not to say that one day I'll be working out of a space like these?

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    1. OOP! I totally forgot to link these images to their sources. They're not studios of anyone I know personally... Just inspirational studios I found online, but thanks for the reminder!


    1. I'm avidly following your blog - you inspire me to actually post / post more about my life haha

  3. dude - having a studio space that you can work in is SO IMPORTANT. thankfully, we have an extra bedroom in our apartment that I managed to convert - but I hope you find a space that will work for you!

  4. I love how you marked up all the photos! <3


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