Hi ho, friends! Finally finding myself with some time to blog. Working two jobs keeps you plenty busy and tired

In two months, I'll be leaving Hanover (along with it's less than ideal residential options) and moving to the west coast. J's been out there for a couple of weeks and has found an apartment with good bones for us to build upon. It's a small but functional, neutral and sunny space; and importantly, it comes unfurnished

Needless to say, I've been going a little bit overboard dreaming about and planning the space and J's been patient enough to indulge my fantasies and put up with the million emails I send him with links to inspirational rooms, furniture, and accessories (curated on my pinterest). I'm envisioning a clean, minimal space evocative of the natural world; lots and lots of neutrals.... with moments of yellow ochre and pots of plants. (I'm currently obsessed with mid-century furniture, but that's for another blog post all together.)

Thought I'd share some of the spaces and pieces that have been on my mind. I'm referring to these as jumping off points as we curate pieces for the apartment. So dreamy, minimal, and beautiful with the essence of home. Stay tuned for updates in the future about what the space actually ends up looking like!

What are you envisioning for your next home? Share share!

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  1. Dark wood floor. Mostly neutrals (mix of warm/cool grey's?) with turquoise. :)

    And these: http://pinterest.com/pin/218565388136367165/


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