With high temperatures of 90+ for two days in a row, I think it's safe to say that Summer has arrived in our neck of the woods. In a town where the majority of buildings are not air conditioned, the summer heats already got me longing for Spring.  

Emily, a dear friend my mine with an ear for pleasing tunes, sent over some cool tracks from the spring to share on the LP blog. So sit back with a cool drink and fan on a summer evening and give these tunes a listen. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks Em! - D.

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1. "No Way Down" by The Shins, Port of Morrow 
The Shins'  latest album, released in March, is shameless pop fit for spring or summer. Arguably the most upbeat of them all, "No Way Down" is totally infectious - catchy vocals and great guitar parts will have you grooving all the way to the beach.

2. "Why Must a Man Change His Ways" by Deep Sea Diver, HISTORY SPEAKS
Speaking of The Shins, here's a track from the recent LP released by their new guitarist, Jessica Dobson. Watery guitars, wailing vocals, and a rollicking 6/8 feel usher in those lazy summer days. This my personal favorite track of the spring - let's hope for more tunes to come from Deep Sea Diver.

3. "Calling Your Bluff" by POP ETC, Mixtape
New name, new sound! The Morning Benders are back as Pop Etc with some notable aesthetic changes. We do recognize, however, their tasteful integration of electronic sounds and 60's vintage influence. As with the MB's, POP ETC sports a lovably cluttered texture, but is always a good listen.

4. "Every Single Night" by Fiona Apple, Every Single Night - Single 
This one's for Dohee. Breathless yet soulful vocals and minimalist accompaniment make for an unusual atmosphere. Overall, the track skirts the line between completely pathological and just plain brilliant.

5. "Sugarcane" by Reverend
And now for some local talent, here's a terrific track from Reverend (check ‘em out at Listn.to/reverendmusic!). Mellow yet heartfelt, heavy synth provides an ambient backdrop for warm vocals and interesting lyrical content. Try to catch the Rev live in the Boston area! 

6. "You and Me" by Sara Watkins, Sun Midnight Sun 
We finish off with a poppy track from the former Nickel Creek-er Sara Watkins. Crystal clear and harmonically regular, this one is simply a pleasure to listen to. The folksy accompaniment will have you singing along with the backup choir as you take a country drive - windows down, volume up - this June.

- Emily

Spring in Review by schmohee on Grooveshark

original photo via Kevin Russ

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