Type Connection is a game created by Aura Seltzer that helps you learn how to pair typefaces. You get to play the role of matchmaker and try to create successful typeface pairings based on given personality/dating profiles. I've found it to be not only a great educational resource for informing design decisions, but also just a wonderful site to experience. Aura creates an experience that successfully communicates and reignites the life, energy, and passion of/within designers as she infuses the typefaces with such tangible personalities that you can't help but become attached.

Give Type Connection a try! I suggest you challenge your design-appreciating partner/friends this weekend to see just how good your matchmaking skills are!

Warning: Reported side effects of playing Type Connection include severe procrastination as well as frequent reference to typefaces in conversation with non-design friends that often leave them confused as to who "Futura" and "Archer" are. Use with caution. But please, do give it a go!

(via Swiss Miss)

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  1. This is my dream come true.
    Did you see the Friday Night Rock blitz sent out last week? Helvetica was mentioned. Boldly.


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